Just Big Enough
By: Mercer Mayer
Page and Story Designed by: ShaDawn Anderson


    On the school bus one morning, a big kid sat in Little Critter's seat. At school the big kids took all the cupcakes and would not let the little kids play with them at recess. Little Critter wished that he was bigger.

    At home he asked his mom and dad how he could get bigger. Mom told him to eat his vegetables and dad told him to exercise. When he did not grow, he got his own idea. He built a growing machine.

    He sat in the growing machine all day, but he did not get bigger. On a visit to Grandpa's farm, Little Critter told him about the big kids. Grandpa let the horses out into the pasture. He asked Little Critter which one he thought would be faster, the big one or the liitle one. Little Critter picked the big one, but when the horses began to run, the little horse ran faster than the big horse.

    The next day at school, when the big kids would not let the little kids play, Little Critter...


What do you think Little Critter will do after the big kids tell him he can't play because he is to small?

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