A World of Color
This TopicQuest was deigned for Mrs. Cindy's Pre-K class at Cook Primary School.
Designed by Beth Yoder, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

color wheel

primary colors
On this website you will find out the definition for primary color.  We will learn about them during this TopicQuest.
carmine car
This website is Carmine's Introduction to Color.  Here you will learn what colors are primary colors and what you can mix together to make another color.  Let's Go!!
Click here to look at all the things that are yellow.  Can you tell me two things that are yellow? 
Click here to see what things are the color red.  Can you name two things that are the color red?  Click here to find out all the things that are blue.  Can you name two things that are the color blue?
Let's read this story and see what the colors of the rainbow are.  Can you tell me some colors of the rainbow?
How does Mrs. Crocodile tell her children apart?  Let's look at this website to see? 

Mission Activity
carmine car

Now that you have explored the websites above, we are now going to go on a mission.  I want you to go back to Carmine's Introduction to Color, and find a color that you want to make.  Find out the two colors that make that color, and tell me what they are.  Then we are going to paint with our hands!

Mission Activity Steps

1.  Go to the website and find what color you want to make.. 
2. Whatever color it is, you will tell me the two colors that make that color.  (ex. orange- red and yellow) 
3. Then we will go to the activity table and get the two colors of paint that you told me made their color. 
4.  I will put one color on one of your hands and the other color on the other hand.
5.  On white paper, you will press your right hand in the top right-hand corner.  You will then press your left hand in the bottom left-hand corner. 
6.  Then mash your hands together and put both hands in the center of the white paper. 
7.  Tell me what color you made and what two colors you used to make it. 

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color wheel
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