The Rainbow Fish
Author: Marcus Pfister
Picture and Story by: Sarah Adams

Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish is about a beautiful fish who never wanted to talk to any of the other fish in the ocean, because he thought he was too wonderful.  When another fish would ask the Rainbow Fish for one of his shiny scales, the Rainbow Fish would turn up his nose and say "No, I don't think so".  One day the Rainbow Fish realized that he had no friends.  He went to the starfish to ask him why he was alone and the starfish told him to ask the octopous, because he was much wiser.  So the Rainbow Fish went to the octopus and asked him why he had no friends.  The octopus told him that he should share his beautiful, shiny scales with the other fish.  Because the Rainbow Fish was so lonely, he shared one shiny scale with all of the fish in the ocean.  He was left with only one shiny scale himself, but that was okay, because he had friends and he was happy.

Critical Thinking Questions:
1.  Was it wrong for the Rainbow Fish to keep his shiny scales to himself?  Why or why not?
2.  What is something that we own that maybe we could share with our friends?

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