Alphabet Sensation

This Topic Quest was Designed for Ms. Seal's Kindergarten Class at Lomax-Pinevale Elementary School By Sarah Simpson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Are you ready to learn the Alphabet?  Can you sing the entire Alphabet Song?  Can you put animals in ABC order? Are you ready to go on a sensational journey through the Alphabet?  Can you handle the ride? Explore these wonderful sites and play the interesting games so you can learn as much about the Alphabet that you can.

*Pictures are linked to the website*
This website will take you through each letter of the of the Alphabet.  Just click on each letter and you will see different thing that begin with that letter.
This is an fun website that allows you to play several games with some of your favorite friends from Sesame Street.  Click on this website and enjoy.
Do you want to play a game?  Click on this website to match pictures with the beginning letter of the word. 
Can you tell me what this animal is?  If not, click on this website to see a variety of animals and the letter they begin with.  This website will also help you learn how to put things in Alphabetical order.
If you want to learn the Alphabet, and you want to learn different things that begin with each letter of the Alphabet, this is the perfect website for you.  Hurry, click here!!!!
Go to this website to see your pal Clifford.  He will help you learn how to spell several different words with his game "Puppy Letters."
This is a great website that shows you all the letters of the Alphabet.  You can show your parents and you can even print out the pictures and color them.
Do you know how to put things into ABC order?  This website has a fun game that will help you learn.
Do you know what an encyclopedia is?  This is a great website to use if you want to look up a word that you do not know.  This website can also help you put things into Alphabetical Order as well.
This is a great website that will help you learn the Alphabet.  It could be used as an introduction to the Alphabet.  There is a picture beside each letter along with a sentence explaining what it is.

Now that we have learned the Alphabet and how to put things in A B C order, Someone needs your help.  Mr. Doodle, the owner of the Atlanta Zoo needs your help.   Mr. Doodle has to put all his animal in Alphabetical order and he needs your help to get them back into the correct order.  Use this website about the letters of the alphabet and this website about the Alphabet Zoo to help him put the animals in order.

1. Use the Alphabet website and the Alphabet Zoo website.
2.  Carefully go through the website and make sure that you understand the alphabet and how to put things into Alphabetical order.
3.  On one of the pieces of paper that you have in front of you, draw an animal that would go first in Mr. Doodle's zoo.  On the second sheet of paper, draw the last animal in Mr. Doodle's zoo.
4.  Share with your teacher the animal that you drew, the letter that it begins with, how the letter sounds, and why it belongs first or last.


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