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Hi! My name is Sylvia Johnson. I attend Valdosta State University as a full-time student, and work full-time in my family home daycare. I am a senior, pursuing a degree in Early Childhood and Reading. I plan to graduate in Fall 2005 with a Bachelor's degree. During my observation for Spec 2000 at J.T. Reddick Middle School in Tifton, I knew I was on the right path for my future of working with children.


I was born Sylvia Ann Johnson. After my wedding, December 25, 1999, I became Sylvia J. Roberts. I live in Tifton, GA. I have two sons and two step-daughters. I love the children in my daycare. Through  the Department of Human Resources, you can find facts about my daycare. The children in my daycare love to interact with the Crayola website. I volunteered at the R.L. Mack Head Start Program when my boys started their first interaction with the educational process. When having fun, I love visiting the beaches at Panama City.

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