Firefighters are your Friend!
This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Hunt's Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School.
Designed By Stephanie Hayes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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What kind of tools can you find in the fire house?
While visiting Elmo's Fire Saftey Game, you can learn about tools in the fire station and firefighter's gear. They also have games that allow children to learn about fire alarms and other fire saftey equipment.

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What are fire hazards?
At Fire Saftey For Kids, you can learn about fire hazards, escape routes, and you can also become a Jr. Fire Marshal!
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What should you do if your house is on fire?
At PBS SPROUT you can learn about what things that will burn you, firefighters, matches, lighter safety, and much more.
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What are items that will burn you?
At Danger Rangers you can play interactive games where you will learn about fire hazards and things around the house that are dangerous!

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
You have been chosen to be a firefighter for a day! You are at the fire station and OH NO! DING DING DING DING there is a fire! You must put on your fire gear before you get in the fire truck. Draw and label a picture of what gear you will need to put on to fight the fire. Make sure you don't forget anything because firefighters need all of their gear so they will not get burned! Go to Elmo's Fire Safety website if you need some help remembering what you need to wear. Next, draw a picture of you fighting the fire with all your gear on! If you can remember what gear you should wear, you can become a Junior Firefighter!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
Step One: Go to Elmo's Fire Safety website to remember what gear you should wear in the fire.

Step Two: Draw a picture of you with all your fire gear on so you can fight the fire. Make sure that you label each piece of the gear you are wearing.

Step Three: Now that you have your gear on, draw another picture of you fighting the fire!

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