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    Hello! Welcome to Stephanie's Education Lab. My name is Stephanie Hayes and I am a junior at Valdosta State University. My major is Early Childhood Education within the Early Childhood & Special Education Department. I am really looking forward to becoming a teacher and making a difference in children's lives. I could not imagine any other job for me!

    I am twenty-one years old and I live in Valdosta, Georgia. I have a black, female Labrador Retriever named Bella. She is CKC registered and she is going to have puppies in December! She knows a lot of tricks like sit, lay down, fetch, stay, and shake hands. Recently, she has been trained to play hide and seek using her sense of smell!
      Bella in her new house!          Bella in her new house!

Map of Georgia with Cobb Highlighted
    I am originally from Acworth, Georgia. As you can see above, Acworth is very close to Atlanta. My parents live there along with my younger sister Christina and two younger doggie brothers, Jasper and Toby.

    In addition to being a full time student, I am also a firefighter for Lowndes County Fire/Rescue. The district I'm a member of is #7 Eastside. We cover much of the eastern part of Lowndes Co. from Inner Perimeter Rd. to the Echols Co. line. We respond to calls for service that include structure fires,
wildfires, vehicle fires, emergency medical calls, car accidents and many other calls such as storm related incidents, etc. A website that I find very interesting which includes many stories about fire deparments all around the United States is Firehouse.com

    One of my favorite places to travel is to my grandparents' house at Kure Beach, NC. It is a very beautiful, small island off of  the North Carolina Coast. You have to go over a large bridge to get there. There are really big houses right on the beach
which are all painted bright colors. There are no big hotels or busy beach shops to block the view of the beautiful ocean. It is a very quiet, beautiful island that I wish everyone could experience.

    I have learned that teachers need a lot of resources in helping them be effective teachers. One of my favorite websites to visit that has many fun activities and lesson plans is Scholastic. Another website that I have found to be very helpful in making lesson plans is the Georgia Department of Education. There you can find many lesson plans and all of the Georgia Standards.

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