Painting Bright Futures In Education
Designed by:  Summer Cook

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I am currently attending  Valdosta State University to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Education through the Early Childhood and Special Education Department.  Before returning to Valdosta State in the Fall of 2008 I was pursing a degree in Art with a concentration in Museum Studies from Georgia College and State University.   I wanted to work as a curator of Education in an Art museum, so I could pass on my passion for art to others.  I decided that my creativity, passion, and talents would better serve those around me if I used them in the classroom setting.  I've always enjoyed working with children, and think education will be a perfect fit for me. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to change the world by believing in my students and helping them to discover how their talents can open the doors to a bright future in education.

  I have a special interest in art, which inspired the theme of this page.  I fell in love with art after seeing a Romare Bearden retrospective at the High Museum of Art, and began to study art soon after.  In my spare time I enjoy reading art magazines such as Art in America, Art Forum, and Juxtapoz so I can stay up on what is happening in the art world.  I also enjoy attempting to draw, and express my creativity through Romare Bearden inspired collages. 

I've found a couple really helpful websites for teachers, and thought I'd pass them along.  Scholastic has a lot of wonderful resources such as lesson plans, activities for students, and great book recommendations.  I also have found that education-world has a lot of great resources. 

Ways I Can Integrate Technology
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Student Fun & Educational Resource Table

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