Fire Safety
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Force's Pre-k classroom at Valdosta Community Day Care Center,
by Samiha Alexander, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.

red fire truck

Come on everyone, let's jump on board to find out about all the great things on fire saftey.  We will learn all about who to call in case of a fire or any emergency and  the different ways you can help firemen and women out. 

sparky the dalmations
Want to know more about Fire Safety ask   Sparky the Fire Dog.  Fires can destroy people's lives.

fire estinguisher
Want to become and junior fire marshall or learn about how to plan a fire escape come into USFA's kids page.
mc graw paw
 Come play "Lets escape the Fire".
Teachers help your children learn all the different emergency numbers while coloring an Futuro book.
red fire truck
Teachers have fun while teaching children about fires saftey , while making a fire truck for snack.
house on fire
Look! Inside for the fun coloring books and games learning about fire saftey.
red elephant
Read a great story about fire works saftey.
owl on book
Teacher find all you need know  by using a Britanica Encyclopedia.
a chalk board
Encyclopdia Smithsonian is great for teachers and children to find out about all subjects especially fire saftey
child waving his hand
Curious Children set fires, so teachers go to this website to find out  how to keep your children from fires.

Sceniario Mission
    Fire Saftey Sparky needs your help!  There are a classroom of students that don't know what to do in case of a fire.  He needs to you to go to some different websites and  write a sentence about fire saftey and draw a picture to go along.

Mission Steps
1.  First go to Sparky's Website so you can see different saftey rules that you need to know.
2.   Pick and draw a picture of the rule that you think is most important .
3. Tell the  teacher why you picked that rule.
4. Give your picture to the teacher.
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