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All About Ms Frier and the class
  Our ESS class is a self-contained classroom with an array of students. We call Winona Park Elementary School our home. The school has about 350 students and our class makes up about 8 of that population. We are a part of the City of Decatur School System, located in the heart of downtown Decatur. We enjoy and embrace the community support we receive. You will find us taking part in fieldtrips to local gardens as well as participating in Spanish celebrations at Agnes Scott College.

About Ms. Frier

  I have been a part of the City of Decatur Schools since 2002 when my family moved here and my children started at the schools. I came on board as an employee 2 years ago. I am starting on my second year as a para in the self-contained room and am looking forward to completing t the MAT program and having my own classroom. To tell you about myself outside of work and the classroom I would have to tell you about my 30 something animals! Yes 30! We have dogs, cats, hamsters, canaries, parakeets, turtles, fish, frogs, rabbits, chickens and one duck! I have 2 daughters, both of which love animals, but especialy my eldest who is 11. One may thinks that I spend a lot of time taking care of them but my kids really do all the work, I get to enjoy cooking fresh eggs though! My youngest loves music, and we are looking forward to going to see Joan Jett this summer together! I would also have to tell you that I love to read and I collect old southern church cookbooks, the more casserole recipes in them the better. 

  Our classroom is unique in that we have lots of furry friends that come to see us. Most weeks I bring one of my rabbits, Hazel to visit. She loves hoping around during quiet reading time and visiting with the children and best of all she is litter box trained. We also have two trained therapy dogs, both are black labs, named Carter and Bree who come in and sit with children and make them self at home in the classroom. Also every Monday Maude from the K-9 Assistants program come and is a part of a reading program with our students. We have a wide variety of students, ranging in age and social/academic levels. The animals do not judge levels but simply love the children at whatever place they are at.  I believe that the animals put the children at ease and have a calming affect on everyone in the classroom. We all look forward to their visits.

Classroom News!

I hope everyone has a great summer and we will miss you. However while ya’ll are away at camp and watching TV, Ms Fraser and I will be taking our team to teach 8th grade math. Wish us luck! See you on the first day of school.

Upcoming events for the 2008-2009 School Year
August 8 Open House, 1-2
August 11 First Day of School
August 15 PTA Back to School Picnic
And much more to come……..

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