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Chase and Sparky

Thanks for visiting my webpage! My name is Rhonda Pridgen, and I am excited about my future as an educator! I currently attend Valdosta State University, where I am enrolled as a Junior in the Early Childhood Education and Interrelated Special Education program. 

My sons and husband enjoy barrel racing and compete for points to be able to attend the State Horse Show held in Perry, Georgia each Labor Day weekend. While they are competing, I help announce the order of the runners. When we are not at horse shows, my husband enjoys training our young quarterhorses. Another hobby of mine is reading. I enjoy many authors, but one of my  favorite authors is Jodi Piccoult, author of Vanishing Act and The Pact.

Chris and Cissy

Robert and Rabbit

When my children were young, our family took yearly vacations to our favorite beach, St. Augustine Beach in Florida. When we were not enjoying the beach, we would visit the historical Fort Matanzas National Monument as well as the alligator farm. Usually, while we are in Florida, we try to visit our favorite themepark, Seaworld.  Even though my sons are older, we still enjoy feeding the dolphins and watching the shows.

Teachers have many tools at their disposal with the many websites that they can access. One that I found to be interesting is Education World.  Another one that I feel will be helpful to me as a new teacher is Apples 4 the Teacher

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