Mr. Rusty's Animals in the Sea

This topic quest was designed for Mrs. Tarleton's kindergarten class at W. G. Nunn Elementary School by Rusty Jarrett, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher.


Have you ever just looked out at the ocean and wondered what all lives in it?  If you have, I've got the perfect websites for you.  The ocean and it's animals cover more than 75% of the Earth's surface.  The ocean is covered with thousands of types of animals.  These animals are divided into different  types: Mammels and Fish. So get out your snorkel and swimsuit and take a dive into the deep ocean with me.


Do you want to learn about the largest mammels on this earth.  Search this website for many interesting facts about different types of Whales.  To find out the important information just click here Whales.
Do you want to enjoy free entertainment and learn about beautiful animals at the same time.  If you answerded yes to any of these questions, then you definately need to check out this website about Dolphins.
Check out this website if you want to see cute pictures of adorable Sea Otters. This website shows many types of sea animals including different mammels and fish species.
This awesome Aquarium website will show you many cool pictures of sea animals.  Check it out and see all the beautiful animals that make up 75% of this world. 
Do you want to learn about Sharks and all of their relatives.  If so, check out this website and tell me what you think about these scary animals.
Have you ever seen a jellyfish swimming along in the water or laying on the beach?  Or even worse have you ever been stung by one of these very small sea animals.  Check out this website to find out more about Jellyfish.
Do you know the differences in Dolphins and Porpoises.  They are very similar in both sizes and looks.  Go to this website and find out how to tell the differences in these two.
Go to the official Sea World and Busch Gardens website to see magnificant things.  This site gives you real life sea animal sounds and pictures to see and hear.  Also check out all of the other cool things if you want to learn more.
Are you interested in other types of animals and not just Mammels and Fish.  If you are, then you need to check out this website about all the different types of animals in this world.
Do you think sting rays are cool sea animals?  I do, so I think you should look up this website that tells all about Amazing Rays.  You will learn so much about these awesome animals after you look over this page.

Mission Project

You are a reporter for The W. G. Nunn Elementary School Newspaper.  Your boss has given you a very exciting assignment.  You  will get to ride in a big yellow submarine under the sea and watch the life of the animals who live there.  Your boss wants you to come back from the trip with a report on two different animals.  One mammal and one fish.   

    More specifically your boss wants you to tell about your trip and report on 2 different sea animals for your article.  You will need to describe the 2 sea animals (one mammal and one fish).

     In addition, your boss would also like for you to draw a picture of each of the sea animals to put in the W. G. Nunn Elementary Newspaper. 

       Use the above websites to tell you all about many different sea critters.  Also before your trip in the big yellow submarine, go to this website to help you learn the difference between mammals and fish in the ocean.

Have a great voyage!

Mission Steps
1) Look at the above websites and learn all sorts of interesting things about animals in the ocean.  Make sure you know the difference between a mammal in the ocean and a fish in the ocean.
2)Imagine that you are in the big yellow submarine looking at the animals under the ocean.
3) Draw a picture of two of the different animals that you see.  Make sure that one is a pciture of a mammal and the other is a picture of a fish. If you need some help remembering the difference go to the link directly above that says "website."
4) Make sure that your picture is colored very pretty for the imaginary W. G. Nunn Elementary School Newspaper.
5) Turn your pictures into Mr. Rusty so that he can show some of them off on his V.S.U. website.

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