Bread and Honey
Author: Frank Asch
Picture and Story by Rusty Jarrett


    One morning  young Ben was getting ready for school, and his mother had just taken a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven.  Ben asked nicely, "Can I have a piece?"  His mother replied no Ben the bread is just too hot right now.  You can have some bread right when you get home from school.  Mom can I have honey on top, "Okay, his mother said.  So Ben hurried off to school.
    That day at school Ben painted a picture of his mother, and when the bell rang he decided to take it straight to his mother.  On his way home, he stopped to show the picture to the Owl.  The Owl said, I love it, but the eyes are just too small.  Ben said, I have my paintbox with me and I can fix it.  "Fine work!" said Owl.   Ben kept on going and saw the Alligator down by the riverbank.  The Alligator said "I just love it!" "But the mouth needs to be much, much bigger!" Nice work Ben, as the Alligator complemented him on his painting.  A little way down the path, Ben met up with the Rabbit and showed her the picture.  I love it, but the ears are too short.  Ben said "Oh, that's  easy to fix."  How's that?" asked Ben.  "Wonderful," said Rabbit.  As Ben continued down the trail, he ran into Elephant.  The Elephant said, "That's great, but the nose is too small."   Once again , Ben took out his paints and fixed the nose.  "Unforgettable!" said Elephant.  Ben decided he would keep going and then he saw the Lion.
    Ben started fixing the picture by adding a fluffy mane.  Now both the Lion and Ben were happy about the beautiful painting.  Now the picture was starting to look funny with all the different things on it.  When Ben was almost home, he saw Giraffe and showed him his picture.  "I just love it," but the neck is too short."  How does it look now, asked Ben. "Perfect," said Giraffe.   Ben ran the rest of the way home.   When he got there he said to his mother, "Look what I made-a picture of you.  I Love it, said his mother.  Just the way it is? asked Ben.  "Just the way it is," said his mother.  And she hung it on the refrigerator.  She then gave Ben a thick slice of homemade bread with lots of honey on top.

Critical Thinking Questions:

1.  What would have happended if Ben wouldn't have changed his painting like all his friends wanted him to?

   What do you think Ben would have done if his mother wouldn't have like his painting that he did for her?

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