MBA 7900


Professor:      Dr. Robert J. Williams

Office:              Thaxton Hall 308

Phone:             229-259-5505 or 229-245-2233

Fax:                   229-249-2795



This course is designed to integrate the various functional areas of business for the purpose of improved managerial decision making.  Issues related to both strategy formulation and strategy implementation will be discussed.  Numerous concepts from all functional areas of business (accounting, marketing, management, finance, and quantitative methods) will be discussed as to their impact on firm value.

Required Text:  Strategic Management of Resources and Relationships (2003) by Jeffrey S. Harrison


Students are expected to attend each class meeting and to participate in the classroom discussion.  There will be 3-4 group sessions scheduled during the semester for purposes of preparing the group case project.  All students are expected to attend these sessions are to fully participate in preparing the project.


Grading:  There will be three concept exams during the term.  There will also be a team case preparation requirement.  In addition, several cases will be introduced during the classroom discussion.  The following weights will be used to determine each student’s final grade.

                        Exam 1 -------------- 25%

                        Exam 2 -------------- 25%

                        Exam 3 -------------- 25%

                        Team Case -------- 25%

Grades will be based on the following scale:

                       A  = 90 - 100

                       B  = 80 -  89

                       C  = 70 -  79

                       D  = 60 -  69

                       F  = Below 60


The classroom discussion will introduce various concepts from management, marketing, finance, and quantitative methods.  These concepts will be further discussed and integrated using current strategic management concepts in an effort to evaluate firm value and improve managerial decision making.  Finally, numerous case scenarios that reflect the topics discussed will be examined.  The following major topics will be covered.


Students are encouraged to express their own ideas and opinions about any topic covered in class.  STUDENTS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO DISAGREE WITH THE INSTRUCTOR IF THEY FEEL STRONGLY ABOUT A TOPIC AND THEY FEEL THE INSTRUCTOR’S POSITION IS INCORRECT – such open debate adds to the classroom experience and makes the subject more interesting.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) and available resources at VSU

Students requiring classroom accommodations or modifications because of documented disability should meet and discuss this need with the professor at the beginning of the semester. The Access Office for Students with Disabilities works with students with special needs. Students not registered with the Special Services Program should contact the Special Services Office in Nevins Hall, Room 1115. The telephone number 229-245-2498 (voice) and/or 229-219-1348 (TTY).

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