Piggy Farm

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Roesch's Kindergarden class at Dewar Elementary School designed by Ryan Dean, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

P is for Pig

In our class we study a new letter each week.  This week the letter is "P".  Our keyword for the letter "P" is pig.  Have you ever wondered about the different kinds of pig?  This page will show you all kinds of pigs and some interesting facts about pigs.

Pig begins with the letter "P",  Pigs, a sanctuary, tells you all about pigs!
Have you ever heard the story of the Three Little Pigs?
Well here it is just for you!

What sounds do pigs make?  If you would like to hear, turn up your speakers and hear this pig!
Do you want to play some super fun games.  This Pig Fun Page gives you a selection of activites and games!
Do you want to know all the different kind of pigs and find some great information on pigs?  Then go to Encyclopedia.com!
Mini-Pigs Inc. is a very special site.  It isdedicated to helping abused and negliected pigs.
cool Kididdles gives you a song about pigs!  Won't you sing along with me?
Pork 4 kids is a great site for kids.  It has lots of activites and learning about pigs.
pig2 Want to play a fun game?  Here is a game called "Pass the Pigs"
Have you ever wondered how many different kinds of pigs there are?
Pig Planet is a site about different kinds of pigs.


"Piggy Farm"
Imagine that your class is taking a field trip to a farm.  The farmer that is showing the class around points our that there are many different kinds of pigs.  When you get back to school you will be asked to draw a picture and label at least three different kinds of pigs.  You will also have to name at least one charcteristic of each pig.  Pig Planet is a good website to review the different kinds of pigs.


1.  Imagine that your class is going on a field trip to a farm.  You will see all kinds of pigs.  Your teacher will ask you to draw three different kinds of pigs, label them, and name one characteristic of each pig.
2.  Imagine yourself at the farm, remember the different kinds of pigs you saw.  What things about the pigs make them different?
3.  Now draw the pictures of the pigs.  Look at each picture and rememeber the different features they all had.


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