Finding Nemo
Author:  Lisa Ann Marsoli
Page Designed By Ryan Dean


I know everyone has seen the movie, "Finding Nemo."  Well the book is just as exciting as the movie!  It is filled with the same great story, and really colorful pictures too!

The story begins with Marlin and Coral and goes on to Nemo getting lost.  Marlin told Nemo not to go to the drop-off and he did anyway because he was mad.  Then a scuba diver took him.  This is where the adventure begins!

Marlin spends all his time looking for Nemo while he is trapped in a fish tank in a dentist office in Sydney Australia.  Marlon meets lots of friends along the way.  First he meets Dory, a blue tang fish that has a short-term memory, so she is a little wacky.  He also meets a shark named Bruce, a pelican named Nigel and sea turtle named Crush.

Nemo makes a lot of friends in the fish tank.  There were several strange fish in the tank with him, Bubbles, Peach, Jacques, Bloat, Deb, and Gurgle.  He enjoys the other fish, but he really wants to go home because he finds out that the dentist is going to give him to his niece, Darla.

Marlins search comes to an end wen Nigel, the seagull leads him to Nemo.  They finally get to be together again and promise to be nicer to each other from now on.

Critical Thinking Questions:

1.  How do you think Marlin felt when he lost Nemo? 
2. What do you think Marlin and Dory should have done when they saw all the jellyfish?
3.  How do you think he felt when Marlin found Nemo?


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