Baby Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Cromer and Mrs. Stewart's First Grade Class
at Len Lastinger Primary School
By Rachael McDowell, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

elephant calf

What do you think of when your hear "Spring"? 
"Rain"?  "Flowers"?  "Easter eggs"?
We often think of warmer weather and new flowers, but many animals also give birth to their young in the Spring.  We usually just call them babies, but all animals have a special name for their babies.  Today, you're going to look at a few websites that will help you to learn a few of the names for baby animals.  You'll also get to see great pictures of baby animals having fun.  Take a look and see what it's like to be a baby animal!

foal    Take a look at this online picture book to
 learn what baby horses and other
animal babies are called.

lamb Spring is busy on a farm!  That's when most baby animals are born.  You can learn the names of
 farm animals and their young at this site.
bear cub
Take a walk on the wild side and view a
slideshow of animal babies in
nature with their parents.

Have you ever seen a baby raccoon?  Listen to a baby raccoon suck on a bottle?  KIDSFARM will show you what it's like to take care of a baby raccoon.
baby alligator
World Almanac For Kids is a great resource for more names of baby animals.
baby swans
Now that you've learned about animal babies and their names, take this quiz to see how much you actually know! Start on the left of the page and click on the first animal baby.

Mission Activity

Pretend that it is Spring Break from school, and you have been
invited to stay at a friends farm during the vacation. 
There are a lot of new baby animals on the farm.
 Your friend is very busy!
 He has asked you to help out with the animals so that
you two will have more time to play together.
 He has asked you to take care of three different animal babies. 
What three babies will you take care of on the farm?

Mission Steps
  1. Click here to learn about baby animals.
  2. Make sure you click on each farm animal to learn about the animal and its baby.
  3. Choose three baby animals you would like to care for on your friends farm.
  4. Draw a picture of you on the farm with the three animal babies you have chosen to care for.
  5. Name the farm and label each baby with it's true baby animal name.

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