Strega Nona
Tomie de Paola
Picture and Page Design by Rachel Towns

strega nona paint pic

    In a town named Calabria  there lives a little old lady named Strega Nona. Her name means Grandma Witch. Everyone in the town comes to see her if they have trouble. She can cure headaches. She can make potions for girls who want husbands. She is also very good at getting rid of warts.

    One day Strega Nona decides to hire someone to help her with her house and garden. She is too old to do it on her own anymore. So Strega Nona hires Big Anthony. He does not pay attention a lot of the time. She makes him promise not to touch her pasta pot.

    One evening Big Anthony sees Strega Nona sing to her pasta pot. It is a magic pasta pot because it can make pasta all by itself. Big Anthony tells everyone in the town about Strega Nona's magical pot. Everyone laughs at Big Anthony and calls him a liar. Big Anthony gets mad and decides to prove the towns people wrong. When Strega Nona leaves on a trip, Big Anthony sings to the pot and invites the towns people to come eat pasta. There is a problem- Big Anthony does not know how to make the pot stop making pasta.

Critical Thinking Question

    If you had a magic pot like Strega Nona's, what would you tell it to make?

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