Spring into Action!
This TopicQuest was designed for Regina Wallace's 3-year old class
at R L Mack Head Start
By LeiAnn Thompson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.



Have you ever heard of the four seasons?  Well, Spring is one of them.  Spring months include March, April, and May. There are many different holidays and celebrations going on in Spring like Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and many more. On this site you will be able to learn about Spring as well as play a game and learn about trees and Easter.

I hope you have lots of fun!!!



Do you know
what Spring means?
Click on the underlined
 word and it will take you
to the meaning.


Flowers bloom in
the Spring time.
Click here
to grow your own flower.


There are many
different types of things
that occur in Spring. 
Here is a  Concentration game
that will help you
learn about those things.


Trees grow in
the spring.  At Easter,
the trees put on a
 growth that resembles
a cross.  To learn more about this
topic click trees.

blue bird

In Spring baby animals
are born.
 Click here
to read a story about
baby animals.


During Spring you have lots
of butterflies.
Click here to learn about
how a butterfly is born.

Mission Activity

Now that you have experienced some of the spring activities, we are going to pretend you are a tree. After visiting the story about a tree, I want you to draw me a picture of the kind of tree you want to be. Will you be big and strong or tiny and weak? Will you have many leaves or very few? What color will your leaves be? Take a minute and close your eyes and picture your self as a tree.

Mission Steps

1.  Click on the word tree above to read about some trees.
2.  Think about what kind of tree you would like to be.
3.  Draw a picture, using different colors, of a tree that you would like to be.
4.  Include in your picture the things a tree needs to grow.

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