This TopicQuest was designed for Miss O'Buck's Pre-K class at S.L. Mason Elementary School by Roberta Shiver, a Valdosta State University preservice teacher

ABC chalkboard
entire alphabet

Do you know your ABCs?  Do you know what sound each letter makes?
If you want to learn more about the alphabet, visit the links below!

Can you identify all the letters?  This site will help you recognize letters and their sounds.
a is for apple
Click on each letter and a picture beginning with that letter will appear. Associating letters with pictures is a great way to learn the alphabet!
ABC slanted
Do you like to play matching games?  Click on this link to match letters and pictures that start with that letter.
Do you know what vowels are? Let's fill in the missing vowels.
Alphabet ABC
If you like to color, visit this website to find some alphabet coloring sheets.
Between the Lions
Between the Lions website has a lot of great alphabet games. These games will help you begin to read.
upper and lowercase letter
Can you write your ABCs?  Learn upper and lowercase letters and sounds at this site.
Did you know that alligator begins with the letter Aa?  Find out more at this website about animals A-Z.
Would you like to know the history of the alphabet? Visit this online encyclopedia to find out more.
a in sign language
Have you ever wondered how you talk to someone who is deaf?  This web site gives all the letters of the alphabet in American Sign Language


You are the head zoo keeper, and all the animals in the zoo have escaped.  You have to turn into an animal to catch all the animals that have escaped. Your first task is to find one animal for each letter of the alphabet.  Then you find an animal that begins with the same letter as your name does.   For example, if your name is Collin, find an animal that begins with the letter "C" (cat, cougar, cricket).  You will pretend to become that animal in order to catch all the other animals.
 animals a to z

Mission Steps

1.  Go to the animal website to get some ideas of different animals from A to Z.
2.  On a sheet of paper, write your name and the name of an animal that starts with the first letter of your name.
3.  Draw a picture of the animal and the letter it starts with.
4.  Explain to your teacher what you have drawn and she will put it on the internet for everyone to see!

Congratulations!  You have caught the animals and returned them to their cages.

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