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My name is Roshaun Penny, and I am a native of St.George's, Bermuda.   I currently live in Jonesboro, GA., where author Margret Mitchell conducted historical research at the city courthouse for the writing of "Gone with the Wind".  I am a Special Education Co-teach Instructor in the Henry County school system at Dutchtown High School.

(St. George's, Bermuda)

I am married to Mark Penny and we have 3 sons: Jourdyn (17), Shaun (11) and Ajahni (6).  I enjoy spending time with my family, teaching, singing, reading and keeping up to date with politics in the U.S. and abroad.  I am the sponsor and director of the student organized gospel choir, "The Heritage Chorale".  I was also a member of the 2007-2008 prom committee - "An evening in the Orient", which was a smashing success this year!

I love teaching Social Studies and working with students that have various learning styles, this makes my work day enjoyable and very rewarding.  I am currently an online graduate student at Valdosta State University completing a Master of Arts in Teaching - Special Education.  I currently teach 12th grade American Government and Economics.  One of my favorite teacher resources for my American Government course is teAchnology, they offer a wonderful assortment of lesson plans, rubrics, worksheets, tips and tools that are useful in the classroom.  My students have enjoyed Mr. Donn's Activity pages, which has student resources and interactive games on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, Three Branches of Government and Civil liberties.

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