Ms. Maley's 8th Grade Class
created by Ramona Maley

Coffee Middle School
Douglas, Georgia
    Coffee Middle School is located in Douglas, Georgia in Coffee County.  We are a rural community with our school serving all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in Coffee County. We have over 1800 students, more than 100 faculty and staff and are housed in one of the largest schools in the state of Georgia.

About Ms. Maley

I have been teaching 8th grade students for 4 years at Coffee Middle School.  I enjoy working with students and helping people become successful in the classroom.  When I'm not at school, I enjoy playing with my dogs, gardening, cooking and reading.  I love spending time outdoors! Advocating the use of all natural dog products is one of my favorite interests.  


The 8th grade consists of over 600 students that are divided into 6 clusters of teachers. We have 4 content teachers for each cluster and one inclusion teacher. I am with the students in the Language Arts, Math, Science and Georgia Studies classes. Please visit for more information regarding the state curriculum standards and helpful tips for preparing your student for 8th grade.

Language Arts
One of our main objectives in the Language Arts class is to prepare for the Middle Grades Writing Assessment.  In addition we are studying genre, author's purpose, research, literature, drama and poetry, figurative language, grammar, and of course the writing process. 

Passing the math portion of the CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Test) is one of the most important goals of 8th grade students.  Passing is a requirement for promotion to the 9th grade and we work diligently to prepare students for algebra.

Physical science is the subject for 8th grade.  Our cluster enjoys hands-on activities and lab opportunities.  We organize a day to demonstrate all the properties we have learned at the end of the year in a program called PHYS-Fun Day.  Our 8th graders host all the 3rd graders in the county for the day teaching them and demonstrating many different experiments.

Georgia Studies
In the social studies class, our 8th graders are learning about the past, present and future of Georgia.  We learn about pre-Civil War, Civil War, Reconstruction as well as the government and physical properties of our state.

Ms. Maley's Class News and Important Information
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Student Resource Center 8th Grade
Language Arts
This website gives helpful information in literature and grammar.
This website gives a variety of information in physical science with study tips and activites.
This website provides a variety of practice, study skills and test taking strategies.
Georgia Studies
This website is helpful in preparing for the 8th grade Georgia Studies course.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns! I'll be happy to assist you in any way that I can.