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Hello, you have stumbled across my homepage.  If your lost don't worry you can just click the back button to get back where you were.  I am Rorry Hadden and I am currently attending Valdosta State University as an Early Childhood Education Major.  I found my love for teaching at Boy Scout Summer Camp and I am excited about teaching as a profession.  Little things I am currently working on to assist my teaching career are handwriting, organization, and time-management.

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I am from Newnan, Georgia and live in a house with my roommates near campus.  I love reading, green, video games, and having fun with my friends.  When we are not studying hard for all our classes, we rock out on either guitar hero or rock band, play various other games (including Zelda), write funny songs, and sometimes just relax on the porch.  No matter what just remember to have fun with whatever your doing.

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