Image PreviewDANCE, is my hobby!!


Dancing is something that is so simple that most people do some form of it every day, sometimes with out even knowing it! Dance, simply put, is movement. It doesnít nessessarily have to be to music. Sometimes it can be to words, drum beats, or even to silence.

dance clipartMy favorite genre of dance is Modern; which was birthed out of a revolt against the tradition and restrictions of ballet in the 1950ís. In the modern dance genre the dancer is ENCOURAGED to express themeselves and find NEW movement! In modern dance the participant is encourage to IMPROVISE and DISCOVER! What is so intriuiging about modern dance is although it was the result ot a revolt and that its main point of creation was to get away from tradition, it still has fundementals and rules concerning its proper excecutuion. So you CAN do it wrong!

Dancers who dance professionally and in groups usually belong to dance compainies. Among my favorite dance company to watch is, Image Previewpilabolous, the Urban bush women, and the Alvin Ailey Dance company. I saw a televeison broadcast of the latter when I was very young and later I got to personally witness a live dance show and its been history ever since, I have been fascinated with this genre.

dance clipartPersonally, I have only danced since I dance, dancer, clip art, clipartwas a freshman in high school. But what I love about modern dance is that you donít have to have danced and trained every since you walked, everything you have to offer is an asset in modern dance!