Journey To The World Of Nouns
This TopicQuest was designed for Kowaski and Vernetta
by Rontee Barnes, A Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

map looking for treasure

I hope you have your back packs ready because we're going to take a trip. We are on a treasure hunt to find nouns. The journey to finding nouns is fun and full of learning. Nouns are all around us, but you have to pay attention, or one just might get by you. So put on your hiking gear and lets get started!

The School House Rock
noun logo

1. Our first destination is the School House Rock. Let's look around and see what nouns we can find here. Are you ready. Click on the Yellow link and we'll be on our way.
Ed. Helper
yellow bus
 2.   Tired of walking, let's take a trip on the big yellow bus. He will take us to our next destination. While riding the bus we will get a small overview of what a noun is and also get a little practice in recognizing nouns. Click on the yellow link above the yellow bus to  test  your  skills.
English Online

piactuer of girl
3. Feel like a little conversation with Tara.Let's take a little pit stop at her bungalow. Well guess what? Today's topic is nouns and she is ready to give you all of the clues that you need, so that you can find the nouns that you are looking for. Click on the yellow link above Tara and let's see what she has to say.
Bush Elem. Class
power point on nouns
  4. Now that we have been searching for nouns for a while lets take a break. Mrs. Bush has prepared a slide show for us to enjoy  at this rest stop. The yellow link will take you to her presentation. Maybe we'll learn a little more about nouns.
Noun Finders
differnt pictures of nouns

  5.Many have took this journey to find nouns. Just click on the yellow link and you'll see some examples of the nouns that your fellow hunters collected on their journey. Perhaps you all have  collected some of the same nouns.
Fact Dictionary
fun facts banner

6.Now that we are almost finish with our journey let's go to our encyclopedia to make sure that the nouns that we found are nouns by definition. Click the yellow link and we'll see if your nouns are truly genuine treasure.

book of nouns

 Today we have geared up to go on a treasure hunt. We  will be searching for treasure. Not just any treasure but Nouns. What are nouns you say? Well on this journey we will find the answer. Nouns are right in front of you and you may not even know it. When you find a noun that you really like, I want you to make a drawing of it  so that we can see what nouns you may have stumbled upon on this journey. I also want you to place the drawings on a map of the places that we visited on our hunt for nouns. Are you ready ? Let's get started. If you need assistance in finding nouns here are some good websites  to help  you on your journey.
Fact Dictionary
The School House Rock
English Online

Mission Steps
1. Go on a journey through the links provided on a hunt to learn what nouns are and some of the different types
2.When you are aware of what nouns are then you will draw two pictures that you conceive to be nouns of a person , place or thing .
3.After drawing you will discuss what you drew and attach it to a map. You will also discuss why you believe the  object is a noun.

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