Fabulous Farm Animals
Created for Kindergarten Students

This TopicQuest was designed  for Nichole, my wonderful daughter
By Regina Shumans, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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    Have you ever been to a farm?  Do you live on a farm now?

  When I was a child I was embarassed when the bus came to

 pick up my sister and I.  The reason was because we lived on

 a farm.  There was pigs across the road from our house.  I

 thought they were so yucky. Now I have found farm life is

 great and animals are fun.  You will learn interesting things

 about farm animals.



   Did you know there are online encyclopedias that tell you about animals?

    Zoology is the study of animals.

   Visit Rachel who lives on a dairy farm.  See Rachel's life on the farm.
   Do you know what a female goat is called?  What do goats provide us

   with?   Visit Sam who is a 6 year old boy, he will give you many


  Go hog wild with all kind of details on pigs.  Are pigs a clean animal or


  Find the chicken on the farm.  See how many facts you can find about


  Did you know that many people in Georgia raise quail?  Have you ever

eaten quail?  They are very tasty.  Visit here and find information about


Mission Activity

   Imagine you are all grown up and you own your own farm.  You are making  a lot of

 money.  Think of all the things you have learned about farm animals.  Now choose four

 animals that you want on your farm.  You are  going  to draw a picture of your farm

 with your animals and label your animals..  You will then tell me why you chose  your

 It is very important for your parents to know you have learned about farm

 animals. You will take your drawing home and tell your parents about your drawing.

get all the information you need visit  kidsfarm.

Mission Steps

   1. Get more information about animals that are on farms from the website above.  

   2. Draw your farm with your favorite animals.

   3. Tell me why you chose the animals.
   4. Take your final project  home to your parents.  Sit down with them and tell them

       about your farm.


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