ABC's AND 123's

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Kelley Felts' Pre-K class at Cook County Preschool
by Rebecca Shealey, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Are you having trouble with your numbers and alphabet?  Here are some great websites that will help you.  These websites will help you with the correct order of the alphabet.  They also will help you with the order of numbers and you can practice your counting.


Do you know your ABC's?  You can go to this website to help you with the order of the alphabet.
When you learn the order of the alphabet this website will see how well you remember.  You have to figure out which letter is missing.
Do you know what an encyclopedia is?  Go to this website to learn about the origin of the alphabet and to review the alphabet.
Do you know your numbers 1-10?  This game will allow you to count the number of fish and then choose the correct answer.
This game will give you more practicie counting.  This time you will be counting chickens.  It will give you a number of chickens and you have to pick the correct number that is there.
This game helps you recongnize numbers and the correct number of objects of each number.  Help put the train together with the help of the corret order of numbers.

Mission Activity

Now here is your mission activity!  Mrs. Brown has forgotten her numbers.  We need to help her remember  her numbers and the correct order they go in.  So lets get busy in helping Mrs. Brown remember her numbers so she can teach them to other children.

Mission Steps
1.  Go to the website where you put the train together.

2.  Practice putting the train together and remember the order the numbers go in.

3.Once you remember the order in which they go you will now make a number train of your own.

4.  Get a piece of paper from your teacher and make a number train for Mrs. Brown.

5.  Draw your engine  with the boxcars behind.  DON'T forget to put the numbers in the boxcars.
6.  Now give your pictures to your teacher so they can be published on the web.

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