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This page was created for Mrs. Holbrook's 2003-2004 kindergarten class at Lanier County Elementary School
By: Rebecca Brown, Pre service Teacher from Valdosta State University

Sheep Crossing

Farms provide a lot of important things that we use every day!  Chickens give us eggs, cows provide milk, farmers grow vegetables and take care of the animals.  Farmers and their animals help us to live a better life.  What are some other things that farms provide for us?  What are other things on a farm?  What are the names of animals that are on a farm?  Look through this site for sites dedicated to making farms fun!

 Kiddy House is an interactive site with designated activities related to farm animals.  Activities include printable worksheets and sites to help introduce students to farms animals.
Do you want some great ideas for PreK and Kindergarten for their unit on the farm?  Visit At the Farm for activities developing fine motor skills, language, and many more!
black sheep
A great place to entertain the whole family is The Barnyard Buddies.  There are even special pages for kids!
moo cow
Go to Davis' Farmland for mazes and a great discovery farm designed for interactive entertainment!
sheep A great site of books, web links, songs, and more is Down on the Farm.  A site for teachers designed by a teacher.
Want printable color pages and descriptions of animals all around the world?  Visit Farm Animals Around the World.
Great ideas for any farm unit including matching quizzes and hands-on activities!  Visit Farm Animals from Alphabet Soup.
Visit Fun Farm Activities for rhymes and songs with activities to follow related to farms and the animals that live on them.
Want to learn more about farms than just the animals?  Visit Greenheyes Farm for a tour of a real farm and many other items that pertain to the running of a modern day farm.
Visit Kidz Korner for fun with Booster Rooster as he gives a tour of the farm and tells all about agriculture.
Visit for any word that might prove to be confusing.

Mission Project

       Pretend your friend is going to visit a farm.  Your friend has never to a farm before and does not know what the different types of animals are there.  While she is there, she will see many animal families.  Since you know all about farms, tell her you will help her  learn about the animals.  Pretend to make a website telling her what some of the important farm animals are and what they look like. 

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher Kiddy House for information on important farm animals.

2. Think about the animals that you want to have on your web site.

3. Draw out your web site for your friend.  Make sure you share with your teacher what you drew and why you drew it.

4. Give your drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

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