Froggy goes to the Doctor
By: Jonathan London/ Illustrated By: Frank Remkiewicz
Paint Picture and Story Designed by: Rebecca E. Brown


      Froggy gets to miss school for a doctors appointment!  No, he is not sick.  Froggy needs to get a check-up.  Mother says to brush his teeth and put on clean underwear. 
      They wait in the waiting room for a long time before Dr. Mugwort called Froggy back for his check-up, but not before his airplane hits the doctor in the eye!  He has quite an adventure once the check-up begins.  He remembered to change his underpants, but did not remember to put on a new pair!  Thats okay!  Mother helped Froggy.  She made him a pair out of the paper pillow case in the exam room.  Later, Froggy nearly knocks Dr. Mugwort off her feet with his bad breath and then kicks her on accident!
         Well, finally the exam is over.  Froggy is a very healthy frog!  He wants to come see Dr. Mugwort again soon.  Dr. Mugwort hopes he does not come again too soon.



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