flySpring Has Sprung!butterfly
This topicquest was designed for Linda Graham's four year old class at Tifton Head Start.
                  Designed By Rebecca Harper, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.




Spring is one of the four seasons. Spring begins March 20th of every year. Spring is the season between winter and summer. Spring months include March, April, and May. There are so many fun things you can do in the spring. On this site you can learn what happens in spring. You can also enjoy fun activities relating to spring. Have fun
and learn about spring!




Spring is one of the four seasons?
 Have you ever wondered what happens and causes the seasons to change?
 Click Four Seasons to learn how spring occurs.


Have you ever heard
 April showers bring May flowers?
Click April Showers and learn a spring song.


St.Patrick's Day is a spring holiday. St. Patrick's Day
is March 17th.
Click leprecaun to learn the history of St. Patrick's Day. Have a teacher help you read it.


Butterflies are beautiful spring creatures. Have you ever wondered how they grow? Click lifecycle to see the
life cycle of a butterfly.


Flowers grow during the spring.
Click flower and color your own flower.You can color using the mouse.


Do you know what the word spring means? Click spring to find the definition.


Mission Activity
Now that you know different things about spring. Pretend you are a butterfly. Click on butterfly to see the life cycle of a butterfly. If you were a butterfly, where would you live and what would you look like through your life cycle? There are four different stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. Include a picture of every stage. Name your butterfly to match your final adult butterfly. When you are finished click here and try to color this butterfly to match yours.

          Mission Steps   
1. Click on the word butterfly above to see the life cycle of a butterfly.
2. Pretend you were a butterfly, think about where you would  live?
3. Draw a picture of your butterfly at each stage.
4. Click on the word here above and paint the butterfly to look like yours.