MSR Pocket Rocket Hanging Stove for $15

Here is a design for a hanging stove on a MSR Pocket Rocket.  I took some designs from others on the internet, but there were not any designs for a small stove like this.  The only difference is a simple rubber gasket that you can pickup at a hardware store.  I drilled a whole in the bottom that was bigger than the end of the gas ganister.  The rubber gasket fits over the rim of the canister and that allows for everything to sit flush.  I then drilled and cut a whole in the pot I got at walmart.  By doing this it allows me to adjust the the stove.  The only draw back is it gets a little warm but not hot.  I also drilled some holes in the bottom to allow for heat dispersal.  When you follow the pictures you can figure the rest of it out.  I hope this helps out.  I got all the materials at Home Depot so you should have no problem setting this up.


If your wondering if this works.  It did and worked perfectly.  Everything fits in the bit pot and save a bunch of space.