Say Hi to the Turkeys!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Marshall's Kindergarten Class at Cook County Primary School
By Robby Wisecup, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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This TopicQuest page was designed to help children learn and understand the story and meaning behind Thanksgiving. It's not just turkey and parades. Thanksgiving has a history dating back to when the pilgrims first came to America.

turkey run
A family-oriented web page for Thanksgiving. Includes coloring sheets to print out and other fun activities.

 A web resource designed for teacher to use for lessons for their students. Includes lesson plans, activities, and games.

Has instructions for creating a hand print turkey.

Jokes and Activities
A website with jokes and activities centered around Thanksgiving.

Safe Thanksgiving Sites
Includes links to safe kids Thanksgiving websites. Also includes printable coloring pages.

Thanksgiving Songs
A collection of Thanksgiving songs. Can be used in the classroom.


Mission Activity
Imagine that you are a teacher. You have 25 students that wish to learn something about Thanksgiving. It is your responsibility to learn everything you can about Thanksgiving by using an online cyberchallenge to help learn information about Thanksgiving. You will also be drawing a picture to share with the class about one
Thanksgiving fact.

Mission Steps

1. Get information about Thanksgiving from these websites.
2. Use the second Scholastic link to go to the website and research before you do the cyberchallenge. Make sure you learn a lot to teach your students.
Complete the cyberchallenge.
4. After you do your research, draw your picture to share with the class.
5. When the teacher asks, share something with the class that you learned about Thanksgiving.

1. What is one important fact you learned?
2. What is a question that had you stumped?

bye turkey
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