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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Rachell Wolfe and I am a 21 year old junior at Valdosta State University. I was recently accepted into the Early Childhood and Special Education Department. I am eager to begin teaching and hope to touch the lives of many children. Most of my friends and family would agree with me when I say I am young at heart. I still enjoy watching disney movies with my nephew and am not at all ashamed to say so. I strongly believe a great teacher is able to laugh and have fun with their students!

Miss Wolfe's sisterMiss WolfeMiss Wolfe with her nephew

Some of my favorite things to do are take photos, travel, watch movies, and read. I love going to the beach, especially with a great book. Of all the places I have traveled, I enjoyed Europe and Cabo the best. I hope to visit many other countries and photograph my experiences some day! One of my favorite sites include photographs from various places around the world called World's Famous Photos.  I also enjoy spending most of my time with my family, they mean everything to me. My nephew is almost two and the most adorable boy ever! His mommy (my sister) is my best friend and we maintain a close relationship even though she is in Atlanta. I am also in a sorority called Zeta Tau Alpha at VSU. I love my ZTA sisters and friends dearly and could not have made it this far in college with out them.

Miss Wolfe in ArubaMiss Wolfe's nephew JacksonMiss Wolfe and her ZTA sister

I am just beginning my student teaching and am in my first professional block. During this experience I have found the Georgia Standards and Bright From the Start websites very useful. Since I am student teaching in a pre-k classroom, bright from the start as been a great resource for me.

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