Food Fun
This TopicQuest was designed for Carolyn Sawyer's Class at Ben Hill Elementary by Rebecca Burrows Arant,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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TopicQuest Introduction
    Food is very important to us each and every day.  It fuels our body with energy and provides us with the nutrients our bodies need to grow strong and healthy.  Think about all the foods you have eaten today.  Those foods have given you energy to do all of the activities you have done today.  You need energy to do everything- to go to school, to talk to your friends, to play outside, and to just live.  It is important for you to eat a variety of foods each day so that your body has the proper vitamins and minerals in order for it to be strong and healthy. 

Go on a Nutrition Exploration  and learn about healthy eating.  Tour the food guide pyramid, play Monster Nutrition, and find fun recipes!
Learn about the Dole 5 A Day challenge.  Find fun ways to eat all your fruits and veggies!
Have Fun For Students while you learn about nutrition.  Play Food Trivia and go on "Athena's Adventure."
Learn about Kids Health while having fun!  You can learn all about your body and how to take care of it by eating healthy.

Visit the Nutrition Cafe and learn more about eating healthy foods.  You can be a Nutrition Sleuth and find the missing nutrient!  You can also Have-A-Bite and find out if you are a healthy eater.
Visit KidsWorld to learn about kids nutrition.  Learn how to read a food label, take a nutrition quiz, and find a picture to color!
Come into the Pork4kids club house and have food fun!  You can make a chef's hat, watch a cartoon show, and make a cyber sandwich!
Visit kidnetic and learn how to eat for energy!  You can also find the "Recipe Roundup" and experience a "Fitness Challenge!"

Here you'll find the USDA homepage where you can learn about nutrition and some other interesting things.  You can join team nutrition!

Visit the Fact Monster to learn a lot of fun facts about nutrition.  You can find articles in a dictionary, encyclopedia, and even an almanac.

Pretend you are cooking dinner tonight for your family.  Not only do you have to cook dinner, but you are to cook a NUTRITIOUS dinner!  This nutritious meal must contain foods from each of the five food groups.  Your mission is to prepare a sample plate of the healthy dinner you will be serving your family tonight.
Mission Steps:
1.  Visit the websites above and learn about healthy eating.  Visit Nutrition Exploration to gather information about the five food groups.
2.  After visiting the websites you will need to look through magazines and find pictures of the foods you would like to serve that make up your healthy meal.
3.  Cut the pictures out and glue them to a paper plate. 
4.  On a separate sheet of paper write the names of each of the foods you are serving and what food group they belong to.
5.  When you are done give your plate and paper to your teacher so it can be put on the Internet website.

TopicQuest Lesson Plan

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