Arthur in a Pickle
By Marc Brown
Page and Picture Design by Rebecca Burrows Arant

Arthur in a Pickle          

    One day, while Arthur is at school he is asked to turn in his homework.  Arthur remembers that he did not do his homework and nervously tells his teacher that his dog ate it.  The teacher replies that Arthur is "in a pickle" and must report to the principal the following day. 

    Arthur remains anxious the rest of the day and that night.  His mind races with crazy thoughts about his pickle predicament.  That night, Arthur's dreams are even filled with thoughts of pickles.  Arthur finds himself up in the middle of the night completing his homework. 

    The next day Arthur hurriedly goes to school and immediately goes to the principal's office.  He fesses up to not doing his homework and admits that his excuse about his dog eating his homework is a lie.  Arthur explains that he does not ever want to lie about his school work again.

Critical Thinking Questions:
1.  What do you think Arthur learned from this experience?
2.  Explain what might have happened if Arthur had not completed
     his homework and if he had not told the truth.

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