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The following links grant you access to some of the work I have done in the course of my studies at Valdosta State. It is my intention that these links will provide some return on the time I have invested in writing these papers, as I have no other real method by which to publish them. I may as well go ahead and say that there are people unscrupulous enough in this world who may see fit to plagiarize the works of another person and pass it off as his or her own. I must advise you, then, to look closely at the section of the Student handbook regarding plagiarism. I would be flattered by someone wanting to reuse my work, as that compliments my abilities, but professors tend to fail students caught in such an act, so there is the crux of the matter. Questions and comments may be emailed to me regarding any of my papers, or about any other matters.

"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"- Einstein

Now Albert, about that hair....


English 1102 Essay: Baseball
English 1102 Essay: Art Review
English 1102 Paper: The Berlin Wall Project
English 1102 Essay: Janice Daugharty
English 2120 Essay: Beowulf
English 2120 Essay: The Aeneid
English 2120 Essay: Hamlet
English 2120 Essay: The Elegy
English 2120 Essay: Politics of Kievan Rus
English 2120 Essay: Introduction
English 2120 Essay: The Sh‚hn‚me
English 2120 Essay: Final Exam
French 2002 Essay: US Foreign Policy
French 2002 Short Story: Una Fine di Allegro
French 2002 Essay: Comment Faire Un Sandwich
French 2002 Compte Rendu: Citizen Kane
French 3301 Essay: Les Droits des Femmes
History 1011 Essay: Exam Three
History 1011 Essay: Islam
History 1013: Final Exam
History 3203 Exam: Candide
History 3203 Paper: Montesquieu, Rousseau, and the French Revolution
History 3206: Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe
History 3207: 19th Century Europe
History 3301 Paper One: Anglo-Saxon Britain
History 4207 Paper: US Foreign Policy to WWI
History 4208 Essay One: Atomic Bomb
History 4208 Essay Two: Atomic Bomb
History 4208 Essay Three: Vietnam
History 4208 Essay Four: Vietnam
History 4210 Essay One: Slavery in Georgia
History 4210 Essay Two: Lynching in Georgia
History 4401 Essay One: East Asian Civilization
History 4401 Essay Two: East Asian Civilization
History 4401 Essay Three: East Asian Civilization
History 4401 Essay Four: East Asian Civilization
History 4403 Essay One: South Asian Civilization
History 4403 Essay Two: South Asian Civilization
History 4403 Essay Three: South Asian Civilization
History 4403 Essay Four: South Asian Civilization
Honors 1990 Essay: Archive Project
Honors 1990 Essay Three
Honors 1990 Essay Five
Honors 3990 Paper: Frontiers
MSED 2000: Critique #1
MSED 2000 Outline: Legal Issues
MSED 2000: Critique #2
MSED 2000: Final Exam
PERS 2370: Film Essay 1
PERS 2370: Film Essay 3
PERS 2730 Paper: Multimedia - Background and Applications
Political Science 2401 Paper: 2000 Election Profile - Buchanon
Political Science 2401 Paper: Globalization
A Visitor From Thebes: an "original" Play

Andy Boyd
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