Farm Animal Fun
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Janice Carpenter's Kindergarten Class at Pearson Elementary School.
Designed by Pamela Tucker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know that farm animals make all kinds of sounds?   You will find farm animal sounds here.

Do you know what baby farm animals are called?  Click here and find out!
Also, you can click here and write your own farm animal story.

Do you know what kind of animals live on a farm? Click here to learn some farm animals names and their babies names also. You can also hear the sounds on the site too!

Do you know that milk comes from cows?  Take a milk fieldtrip on this virtual tour.

Got extra time:
For more information on cows or milk click here.

Play a
game here.
Mini-Research Real World Activity
Let's have some fun on the farm!

    We will visit Mr. Randy's farm today.  On our visit to the farm, we will be learning about the many different kinds of animals that live on the farm.  Also while we are at the farm, we will have the opportunity to watch and help Mr. Randy feed the cows.  We will also help feed the other farm animals too.  We will be learning the names of the farm animals and also hear the many sounds the farm animals make.

Steps for Real World Activity
1.  The Local Farmers Paper wants a picture of your favorite farm animal and now that you have returned from visiting the farm, you can begin the assignment.
2.  Think about all the farm animals that you saw and pick your  favorite farm animal.
3.  Draw your favorite farm animal using the paper, pencil, and markers  provided.
4.  Finally, write a sentence telling the name of your favorite farm animal and the sound it makes.
5.  You can look and listen to the farm animals here.

Topic Literature Activity
Big Red Barn
By: Margaret Wise Brown


Topic Literature Activity
A.babycowNow that we have read the book, Big Red Barn, you can click here and look at and listen to some animals on a farm.
B.  List your four questions of understanding that you are going to ask your students while you are reading the book to them.
1.  What is in the great green field?
  What kind of animals are at the farm today?
3.  Where does the farm animals live?
4.  What does  the farm animals do at night?

C.  List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book.
1.  If you could be a farm animal, which one would you be?   Why?
2.  If you were a farmer, what would you feed your farm animals?

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