Let's Go On a Picnic!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Gray's Pre-K Class
at Hallmark Heights Head Start  By Priscilla Wade,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Hello!  Welcome to this fun-filled webpage.  It is now spring time and do you know what that means?  It means that there are going to be bugs everwhere, flowers blooming, and animals coming out to play.  Spring time is a wonderful time  to go on a picnic.  Have you ever been on a picnic?  Do you know what a picnic is?  Well, this webpage is all about Picnics.   It tells what a picnic is, what insects and animals you can find on a picnic, and what food you find at a picnic.  I hope you enjoy this webpage.

1. Do you know what a picnic is?  At this website you will learn the definition of picnic.
bee 2. Many insects are found at a picnic.  They may be pesky little bugs but they are drawn by all the sweet smelling foods that are found at a picnic.


3. Butterflies are often found on picnics too because the weather is so beautiful.  They are flying around from flower to flower trying to find pollen. Butterflies love flowers.
Duck 4. Ducks make the picnic experience much more enjoyable.  Picnicers usually share their bread slices with the beautiful ducks that swim up to the shore.


5. Picnic safety is very important when you decide to go on a picnic.  You have to make sure you pack all the right things and make sure the food is correctly packed.
picnic basket

6. On picnics you need to bring food.  So what are we going to put it in.  This website shows you different baskets for picnics.

Mission Activity
Now here is your mission activity!  We have been talking about spring time and what happens during this time.  For our mission activity I want you to draw the kinds of insects that you would see on a picnic.  Now pretend you are going on a picnic.  I want you to draw the food that you would take on your picnic.  I hope you enjoy your mission activity.

Mission Steps
1. Take a look at the insect website and think of the different types of insects that you would find on a picnic.  You could also look at the butterfly website.

2. Now I will give you a white piece of paper to draw your favorite insects. 

3. Once you are finished with the first activity, you are going to tell me what insects you drew for me to write down on the paper.

4. You will also draw on a paper plate the foods that you would take if you planned your own picnic.

5. After you draw all the yummy foods you would take, I am going to write down the names of all the different foods on your paper plate.

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