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Mr. Walker's Middle Grades Classroom at Tippens Educational Center is located in Canton, Georgia  and is a part of the Cherokee County School DistrictThis classrooms success is built upon utilizing functional academics to best serve students that have been dually diagnosed with Autism and Emotional Behavior Disorder. We hope that as you view our site that you will learn more about our Special Education Program, our affliations and more about Autism.

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Mr. Patrick Walker


To get better aquainted, I would like to share with you a little about myself.  If you are around me more than five minutes you will learn that I love to sing. My first degree was in music and after college I traveled internationally for four years (this comes in handy during Music Therapy time).  I also love adventure and  huge thrill seeker, so that keeps me really busy with activities like camping, skydiving, bungee jumping and many others. I love people and love life.-Patrick



My staff and I work with students who have Autism and Emotional Behavioral Disorder and therefore they are considered Dually Diagnosed.  This diagnosis has a lot of challenges but gives us a unique opportunity to find ways to facilitate learning to these students who otherwise might not have a high success rate due to lack of communication skills.  One of the key tools that we use to help break down the communication barrier and that can be used in the home of these students, is PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).  Once we can help find a voice for these students, we can better meet their needs and wants as well as teach them functional academics that will help them succeed in the future.  For more information on visit

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