The Many Faces of Fall

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for
Ms. Stephanie Wilson's Pre-K Class at Hand-in-Hand Primary School in Thomasville
Designed by Paige Stone, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

fall picture

Many things remind us of fall besides the cooler weather.  Below are some questions for you to think about as you search the websites to learn about some of the Faces of Fall.

We see many pumpkins during the fall.  Pumpkins are very interesting.  How do all these pumpkins grow?  What can you do with pumkins?  Read this story to find out. 
autumn tree
During the fall, strange things happen to the trees.  What are two of the things that happen to trees?  Visit Trees are Terrific to learn about it.
Perhaps the most famous character during the fall is the turkey.  How much do you know about the turkey? Click here to learn many facts about turkeys and take a quiz to see how much you remember.
Pilgrims came to America on a boat called the Mayflower and had the first Thanksgiving.  What was this journey like?  Visit The First Thanksgiving to find out.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Pretend you are a Pilgrim.  You have just completed the long journey across the sea on the Mayflower to America for the first time.  You are very excited to be in America and want to tell your friends back home about what you see and do in the new land.  Create an illustration of some of the things that would be happening in your life if you were a Pilgrim in America during the First Thanksgiving. 
Steps to Complete Read World Activity

1. Re-visit the First Thanksgiving website that you explored earlier.  It has many wonderful ideas that could be useful to you.
2. You may want to consider some of the things found on the website to include in your illustration.   Your friend that you are creating this illustration for would like to know things like: what you wear as a Pilgrim, what you eat, what you do, etc.
3. Create your illustration by using a variety of different materials.  You may use any of the materials available to you.  Make it colorful and interesting so your friend will really enjoy it.
4. Give your picture to the teacher and it will be put on the internet for people to see.

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