Picture Yourself Learning
Designed by Paige Stone

Girl smiling
Learning should be fun; it is our responsibility as teachers to see that it is. Smiles and learning belong together.

My name is Paige Stone. I am 20 years old, and I live in Lakeland, GA (Lanier County). I have lived there my entire life, and I really enjoy the small town setting. My family taught me from an early age to value education; throughout the years, I have developed a love for learning and children. From the day I stepped foot in my first grade classroom at the age of six, I knew teaching was my destination. That passion has only grown since then.

mama teaching baby to clap

Currently, I am attending Valdosta State University where I am persuing a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. I only have two years left before I graduate with a master's degree. I am extremely excited to be able to contribute to the futures of children and positively influence their learning.

Boy in blue frame                              boy smiling

Along with my love for teaching children, I also enjoy photography.  I own a photography business where I photograph various events such as weddings and sports.  Many useful photography tips and techniques can be found at Popular Photography.  I use this resource quite often.  I really enjoy this form of art and hope to also bring it into my classroom.  So much can be learned through the use of photographs.  Everyone should be able to picture themself learning because learning is fun and never-ending. 


Eventually, I want to spend my summers traveling to different places to take pictures.  These photographs can be integrated into my classroom to teach the students about the different places all over the world.  One of the first places I want to go is Egypt.  I have always been fascinated by the ancient history of the mummies and pyramids.

egyptian pyramid

The Itnernet is a very useful resource for teachers.  The Learning Tree is a great place to visit for ideas and materials for the classroom.  Crayola also has many different craft ideas to keep the students engaged and enjoying learning.  Although these are only two websites that contribute to helping teachers make learning fun for the children of our society, many others are available. 

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The door to learning is always open--teachers can convince students to go through it.

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