Mr. Harrigan's Mathematics 7th Grade Module
By Patrick Harrigan

Fibonacci Sequence

Welcome! I am an EXC teacher at Burney Harris Lyons Middle School, located in Clarke County, and teach 7th grade mathematics. Commonly known as BHL, our school is top notch with some of the best staff and students around.

Students, I feel your pain! I too am still in school while I teach. Currently, I am working on my Masters degree through Valdosta State University via their online program. Being a teacher/student combination keeps me pretty busy but I still find time for myself. Some of my many hobbies include hiking, backpacking, music, reading, and, of course, soccer. Aside from math, I also coach the Lady Lion Soccer Team here at BHL.
                                                                         Linear formula                                    
Our seventh grade math class is quite a busy one. We are really getting into initial algebraic math as well as learning how to really analyze numbers on data charts. In my classes, while pushing ahead with these strange new concepts, I try to re mediate with my students to help fill in the gaps. I beleive that success cannot be obtained without a sturdy foundation, so I want all of my students to be as strong as possible with their math skills.

7th Grade Mathematics Links and Resources:


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Additinal Student Resources: Math Websites and Games
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Here is a great site for games and playing with numbers to get a basic feel. great for students and parents!


A useful site with real-world applications


Math games, fun math lessons, puzzles and brain benders, flash cards for students, parents and teachers. Ole!


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