Find Your Adventure
 In Reading

Designed by:  Pam Ray
Ms. McEachern's 4th Grade Class at Ben Hill County Elemetary School

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Finding your adventure is only a book away.  By learning your letters and sounds you can begin to enjoy books that can take you anywhere you want to go.  Books can also help you to learn about different things you enjoy. 

To start your adventure visit some of the websites below.

girl in tent
Have a favorite nursery rhyme?  Click here to see if your favortie one is listed.
between the lions
Lionel and Leona have a lot of great books waiting for you.  Lionel and Leona wants you to come and join them.
Let the adventure begin here! Books on-line let you listen as they are being read.  Great site for Great kids.
Clifford has a lot of fund things for you to do.  There's games and reading that you will enjoy.  Come and see what Clifford has in store for you.
Did you ever want to know what the word Read means?  Click on this link to find out what the dictionary has to say about the word read.
You can help these gorillas get banana's by identifying parts of speech.  Hurry! These guys are hungry.
Do you know what sound "s" makes?  Click here to here the sounds that letters make.
Going on a reading adventure has never been so easy.  Have you ever wondered how big earth is?  Well, click here to explore with the book Our Big Home.
Come visit Zac and his friends for lots of reading fun.  You will even be able to play games.  Learning never was more fun!
Have you ever heard of a cat having three names?  To read about the cat with three names come on in.

You are the teacher for the day!  Your mission is to develop a worksheet for students who are learning sounds.  You will need to have five examples of sounds.  Your examples could be words or pictures, it is up to you.  You will need to visit Cliffords website, this website will give you some great ideas you can use for your worksheet.

Mission Steps

1.  Go to Clifford's website to get some ideas for your worksheet.
2.  You will need paper, pencil and crayons.
3.  Write down the letters of five sounds you want your students to learn.
4.  Draw a picture or write a word by each of the letters you have.
5.  Turn your paper into me.  It will be published on the Internet.

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