Charlie The Caterpillar
Author: Dom DeLuise
Page Designed by:  Pam Ray


   Charlie has just been born and sets out to find some friends.  He asks some monkeys, some rabbits, some birds and some mice to be his friend, but they all said no.  Charlie wanted to know why and their reply was all the same, "because your an ugly caterpillar".  Charlie is sad and quickly realizes that friends are hard to find.
    Charlie was very upset that no one wanted to be his friend and began to cry.  Charlie wanted to be alone so he found a quiet place and wrapped himself into a cocoon.  Charlie soon drifted off to sleep and dreamed that he had a best friend to play with.  After a long nap Charlie woke up, and to his surprise he had become a beautiful butterfly.  Charlie spread his wings and began to fly.  He flew by the monkeys, the rabbits, the birds and the mice.  They all wanted to be the beautiful butterfly's friend.  Charlie did not stop and talk to any of them.  Charlie thought that if they only wanted to be his friend because of his beautiful wings, then they could not be real friends.
    One day Charlie was enjoying the spring sunshine when all of a sudden he heard someone crying.  He saw a caterpillar and asked her name and why she was crying.  She said her name was Katie and she was crying because no one would be her friend.  Charlie smiled and said he would be her friend.  Katie was very happy.  Charlie and Katie became good friends.

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  What would you do to show Katie that you would be her friend?

2.  Charlie was teased for "being the ugly caterpillar".  If you were Charlie describe how that would make you feel.

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