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woke up late

    My name is Paul Ostoits and I lived in Florida on the beach until I graduated from college. After college I moved to Georgia where I now live. This is my first year as a student at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. I am currently getting my masters degree in Special Education. My passion is for working with elementary school students at any level. I truly have a passion for teaching and look forward to everyday that I get to participate in the lives of my students. 

    Growing up on the beach allowed me the opportunity to participate in many activities that were both under and above the water. When I was younger I raced jet skis and jumped waves on my jet ski every chance that I got. At 16 I got into scuba diving and was certified by Padi dive instructors. I find that being under the water is one of the most peaceful things that I can do. Now that I live in Georgia and have no water to dive in I have developed a new hobby. My new hobby is riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle into the mountains. There is nothing better then being on my motorcycle, no matter where it is.

learned too much

    My classroom is devoted to learning by means of having fun. There are fun and exciting ways to learn no matter what the subject is. Whether I teach kindergarten or 5th grade I plan on making it a fun educational environment. One fun way to learn math is to play baseball. Learning should be fun and I try to make it as fun as it can be.

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