An Ocean of FUN

    This TopicQuest was designed for Miss. Whelchel's class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School by Neema Patel, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Introduction:  Have you ever went to the beach and wondered about the ocean and if anything lies within it?  Did you know the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the earth; that's alot!  This topic will aid you into being an expert on the ocean.  You will explore different marine life; there are so many different species that exist.  There are also some activities for you to have fun with while learning.

sea line

Are you interested in knowing all about the ocean?  This is an online encyclopedia of oceanography, check it out.
 Have you ever wanted to know some interesting facts about the ocean like how deep it is?  Can you think of anything else you would like to know?
Have you ever played a computer game? Have you ever played an educational game? Try this one, it is FUN!
How much do you think you really know about the ocean? Would you like to test your skills of the ocean, click here.


What are some things that could be found in the ocean? Dive into the ocean treasure and learn about the study of the ocean, oceanography.
Have you ever visited an ocean?  Explore the ocean and learn about the deep blue sea. 

Do you know how many different types of sharks exist?  This website Zoom Shark knows everything about sharks.
Think of an animal in the sea you would like to draw.  Here are some coloring sheets for you to get started and color. 

You can ask an earth scientist(Biologist) anything are curious about pertaining to the sea. What would be a question you might ask?
starfish Do you know exactly what an ocean is? This website gives you a definition on ocean.
Can you think of a time when you played games while learning?  Check this page out; it has lots of cool games, puzzles and more so you can have fun while learning.
Nearly all types of land forms seen on the earth's surface are also found in the ocean, click to explore.
corel What does a coral reef remind you of? Did you know that corals are actually animals?

sea line

Mission: Special Guest Speaker(ZOO Keeper)
   At this point you are an expert of the ocean and some things that lie within it.  You are going to be a special guest speaker for Miss Whelchel's Kindergarten class.  You will pretend to be a ZOO Keeper who is responsible for all the different sharks at the local zoo.  Your task is to tell them everything you know about the sharks.  You may tell them there are many different types of sharks. You will have to give a description of what they look like and some other characteristics you can think of.  A picture will have to be drawn and shown to the class.  This way they will have a better idea of a shark.   You will be great, and remember this is fun too!
Mission Steps:  Special Guest Speaker

Step 1Using the provided link Zoom Shark, and the help of your instructor, explore the mysterious life of sharks.

Step 2:  As you explore, think about what kind of shark you are going to describe.  You may take notes or draw pictures if it will help.

Step 3:  List some facts about your shark, and draw a picture of it. Your picture will help you and your classmates correctly identify the shark.

Step 4:  Read your clues aloud, and share your picture with your class.

Step 5:  Share with the class what you thought was the coolest about sharks.