Adopted by Lisa Ann Marsoli                                              
Paint & Picture Story Designed by Neema Patel


    This story is about Marlin, a single parent clown fish trying to raise his only son Nemo.  So over time, Marlin has become very over protective as some parents do.  It is Nemo's first day of school, and boy is he excited!   However his father is very nervous and scared, and unfamiliar with the other children and parents.  Marlin gave Nemo specific rules to follow while at school before kissing him good bye for the day.
    However, Marlin was unsure of leaving Nemo from his sight.  This was the first time he was not around his little Nemo.  So, while the fish were on a field trip to the near the Great Barrier Marlin follows behind.  He forbid Nemo and hold him he could not swim up the Barrier and that he was too weak.  That only made Nemo mad so he did what his father told him to do and succeeded.  Only to get caught in a net by some humans.
    At that point Marlin and Nemo were scared, Marlin could not get to the net in time to save him.  Marlin had to get some courage quick if he wanted his son back.  He did just that, along the journey to find his son he met Dory.  Together they searched along the way meeting some interesting fish. 
    Just when Marlin was starting to feel hopeless, he found out through word of mouth that his some was in a dentist's office aquarium.  With the help of the other fish in the tank, Nemo was free after many obstacles.   Soon, he returned to his father Marlin, after that Nemo looked that his dad to be the bravest fish in the Sea,

THE END!                                   

Critical thinking questions:
1.  What was it like on your first day of school?  Were you scared?
2.   How would you feel if you were Nemo and away from your family?