Fall Into Fun
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
 was developed for Mrs. Baldree's Pre-K Class at Cook County Primary School
Designed By Marie Holtzclaw, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Turkey holding a Eat Pork sign

Fall Foliage
1. Why do leaves change colors? On this website you will learn about the colors of autumn. 
2. Do we eat the same foods at Thanksgiving that the pilgrims' ate for the first Thanksgiving? On this website you will learn how many people were at the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving feast and what they ate. 
3. Do you know the rules of safety while trick-or-treating?  What will you wear for Halloween? On this website you will learn to wear bright colors while trick-or-treating so drivers can see you. 
Turkey wearing a hat
4. Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving? On this website you will learn how many days the first Thanksgiving celebration lasted.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity

Pretend that you are a part of the very first Thanksgiving Feast. As a Pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving celebration you are going to help prepare the food for the feast.

What will you cook for the first Thanksgiving feast?
As a Pilgrim why are you celebrating the first Thanksgiving? What traditional holiday came from the first Thanksgiving feast celebration? Use the sites above to discover what your first Thanksgiving feast celebration would look like. The Thanksgiving Story site, Truth Behind Thanksgiving site, Foods fixed site and the First Thanksgiving site will be helpful.

Draw your experience and describe it to your teacher as if she has never heard of the first Thanksgiving feast celebraton.

Steps For Real-World Activity

1. Review two or three sites to discover the facts of the first Thanksgiving celebration.  Include the Truth behind ThanksgivingFood fixed site and the First Thanksgiving site.

2. Choose at least three different foods from that first Pilgrim's Thanksgiving feast celebration.
Draw and color the foods on a paper plate.

3. Tell your teacher what each food is so that she can write underneath it.

4. Take your time to make your picture colorful because you will share the picture with your classmates and your teacher.

5. Give you drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

Topic Literature Activity
10 Fat Turkeys
Tony Johnston
10 Fat Turkeys

Topic Literature Activiy
Using Critical Thinking Questons

A.  Brown turkey running Learn fun facts about real turkeys at the following website.

B. List your two critical thinking questons for your topic-related literature book.
1. If you were one of the turkeys playing on the fence what activity would you like to do and why?
2. If you could change the way the story ended, what changes would you make to the end of the story?

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