Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Author Bill Martin Jr.
Page designed by Nedra West

chicka chikca boom boom picture

        This story is about the letters of the alphabet. Letters A-Z are on a mission to reach the top of the coconut tree. All the letters of the alphabet find thier own different route to the of the coconut tree. One at a time the alphabets climb to the top of the coconut tree. Laughing and singing a song, they are all happy and free.
    When all the alphabets reach the top of the cocont tree trouble happens. Every letter from A-Z fall right out of the coconut tree. Letters A-Z have to start all over to find a good route back up the coconut tree. Finally the alphabets found their way back up to the coconut tree and they all live happy and free.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. If you were a letter of the alphabet, who would you get to the  top of the coconut tree?
2. How would you react if all your alphabet freinds made you fall out of the tree and you had to start from the beginning?

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