Springtime Fun In The Sun
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
for Ms. Soper's Kindergarden Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School
Designed by Nikita Stephens, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

spring pic

Do you know how to grow a plant? If you don't, lets find out how.
Do you like butterflies? Lets see how a butterfly gets its wings.
spring season
What is the weather like in the Spring? Lets find out about the rain that happens alot in the spring.
honey bee
What are Honey Bees? Honey Bees, Honey Bees, don't find me.

Springtime Landscaper
Today boys and girls we are going to be landscapers. Pretend you are the best landscaper in the world and a customer has just asked you to design for them what it would look like in their spring garden. Remember in your landscape to draw all the plants and animals that are out in the spring. Also draw what the weather would be like in the spring. Remember now, you are the greatest so your customer is expecting the best.
1. Pretend you are the world's greatest landscaper
2. Get the blank landscape picture
3. Create on your landscape what the weather  would probably be like in the spring.
4. Put your spring colors and spring bugs in the picture
5. Make sure you put the spring flowers and trees in there also.
6. Make sure it is exaclty what spring would look like because remember, you are the greatest landscaper so your customers are expecting the best.

Garden Friends
Deborah Lock

garden friends cover

Topic Literatue Activity
butterfly on a flower. Friendly little butterflies.
Check For Understanding
1.What was the caterpillar eating?

2.What did the snail have on her back?

3.Where was the frog hiding at in the garden?

4.What did the spider spin in the garden?

Critical Thinking
1. If you were a garden friend, what would your name be?     How would you look?       What flower would you want to hang out on in the garden?

2. What kind of flower would you be in a garden?

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